Bolshoi Ballet Live: The Pharaoh’s Daughter 202212A

Bolshoi Ballet Live: The Pharaoh’s Daughter 2022

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While traveling in Egypt, Lord Wilson is caught in a sandstorm and finds refuge in the nearest pyramid  where  Aspicia,  the  daughter  of  one  of  Egypt’s  most  powerful  pharaohs,  lies entombed. When he falls asleep, lulled by the haze of opium, Aspicia comes to life and his passion for her will take him on a fantastic journey.

French choreographer Pierre Lacotte brilliantly resurrected a forgotten masterpiece exclusively for the Bolshoi Ballet nearly twenty years ago - Marius Petipa’s The Pharaoh’s Daughter.  With its exotic setting, spectacular dancing and scenes choreographed for nearly the entire Bolshoi troupe,  this  stunning  Egyptian  fresco  is  one  of  the  most  remarkable  productions  in  the company’s repertoire.