The Sparks Brothers + Live satellite Q&A with Edgar Wright 15

The Sparks Brothers + Live satellite Q&A with Edgar Wright

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Thu 29 Jul
  • 210 minutes
  • Director: Edgar Wright
  • UK/USA (2021)


This screening is followed by a live satellite Q+A with Edgar Wright and Ron & Russell Mael of Sparks, broadcast from Sundance Film Festival: London 2021.

There aren't many musicians who arrive at their 50th anniversary on a creative roll, still luring in new generations of fans, making Top 10 albums, and doing so by releasing music every bit as challenging and inventive as their earliest recordings. In fact, there is precisely one: Sparks.

Ron and Russell Mael are rock's original Odd Couple, as inscrutable as they are fascinating. Never content to rest on their laurels or follow musical trends, they have achieved commercial success only intermittently and almost despite themselves. Edgar Wright's music documentary The Sparks Brothers captures the art-pop pioneers at an improbable late career-high, as well as recounting the story of how they got there, asking why they are not as celebrated as they deserve to be, and finding out how they became your favourite band's favourite band.