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Online Screening: Love Child

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  • Fri 23 Apr
  • 111 minutes
  • Director: Eva Mulvad
  • Denmark (2019)


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Love Child offers a heart-breaking portrait of Leila and Sahand, an Iranian couple who are forced to flee for their lives from Tehran where their secret affair and illegitimate child are both considered crimes, punishable by death. Together with their four-year old son Mani they take refuge in Turkey with dreams of a new life, seeking asylum to either Canada or the US. Intimately filmed over a five-year period, so intimately you often forget this is a documentary, we follow their brave quest to be safe together as a family.


"Here’s a documentary that gives off warmth like a radiator, generating huge amounts of empathy" - Cath Clarke, The Guardian


"Stunning.....This powerful film sweeps you up"’

Time Out

"One of the most absorbing dramas of the year"

Indie Wire

"Love Child is a remarkable work"

"Love Child is an honest representation of this ongoing state of powerlessness, but also of all those years the family loses while imprisoned in the flawed, bureaucratic system of Turkey.’

‘Love Child is an exercise in honesty and realism. It examines the situation of refugees and provides the latter with the voice they deserve in order that their rights might finally be heard and recognised."


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