The Zabludowicz Collection presents: Ringing Psychic Cherries15

The Zabludowicz Collection presents: Ringing Psychic Cherries

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Through her video works, American artist Shana Moulton has developed a distinctive psychic and aesthetic realm anchored around her alter ego, Cynthia. By presenting herself and others as slightly wacky, oddball characters, she creates fanciful and peculiar narratives. Ideas central to today’s cultural debate, such as the personal wellness industry, ecological protest and alternative models of livings, are addressed with off-kilter humour and a strange sincerity.

Her filmic style – antiheros, elaborate stories, dreamlike sequences and bizarre domestic interiors – are heavily indebted to some of the more surreal and strange filmmakers who have influenced her. Growing up in a mobile-home park for senior citizens near Yosemite run by her parents, these ground-breaking pioneers ‘rang her psychic cherries’, as David Foster Wallace might say. This screening showcases two of her earlier works alongside shorts from key directors who look at the world from a skewed perspective.

Meshes of the Afternoon

Maya Deren


15 minutes, B&W, Sound, 4:3


Shana Moulten


8 minutes 57 seconds


Suzan Pitt


18 minutes, colour, sound

MindPlace ThoughtStream

Shana Moulton


11 minutes 56 seconds

II. The Supermarket (Famous People)

Robert Ashley


25 minutes, colour, sound, 4:3