First Film Club presents: A Way of Life + Q&A15

First Film Club presents: A Way of Life + Q&A

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Mon 28 Oct
  • 112 minutes
  • Director: Amma Asante
  • Cast: Stephanie James, Brenda Blethyn, Michael Conway
  • UK (2004)


A Way of Life

In Amma Asante's BAFTA award-winning 2005 debut, set in Wales, single teen mum Leigh-Anne (Stephanie James) becomes increasingly paranoid under the constant pressure of both social services and her daughter's paternal grandmother (Brenda Blethyn) threatening to assume guardianship of her child, But Leigh-Anne's environment - one of crime and poverty - is no place to raise a child, nor does she have the legitimate means to do so and when she fears that her Turkish neighbour is talking to social services, her destructive behaviour only increases.

Colour Blind

Emerging writer/director Tracy Kiryango’s passion for deciphering people's motives and encouraging vulnerability and openness is clear in this evocative short film. Racial tension, amplified by the Brixton riots in 1981, has sparked a much-needed dialogue between this interracial couple. Lyle is trying his best to avoid any sensitive topics, fearful that his lack knowledge will ruin their relationship, while Kahlea is trying her hardest to deepen their bond by bridging the gap between their two cultures.

This event is brought to you by The First Film Club. We deal in directorial debuts, showcasing the films that kickstart careers. Hosting regular screenings across London, each event will open with a debut short film from an emerging director followed by the feature debut of an already established director and ending with a Q&A with both filmmakers to discuss their craft, their inspiration and what happens after that all important debut.

TFFC was created by a professional team of women working in the film industry, Hanna Flint (film critic and host), Natalie Gothelf (film producer) and Tolu Akisanya (film publicist).

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