London Palestine Film Festival 2018

London Palestine Film Festival 2018

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.


One packed ticket allows for a full afternoon of award-winning short films followed by feature documentary, Gaza Surf Club.

The Chair (15 mins)

A young Palestinian woman visits her husband in an Israeli prison. Unable to have conjugal visits, they devise an unusual and unexpected way to conceive.

Ave Maria (15 mins)

A family of religious Israeli settlers crash their car into a convent’s wall and because of Sabbath laws, can’t operate a phone to call for assistance despite desperately wanting to get home. Unfortunately, the nuns at the convent have taken a vow of silence. Together, the two groups must come up with an unorthodox plan before nightfall.

Roof Knocking (12 mins)

In war-stricken Gaza, a woman prepares a meal for her family to break the fast in the month of Ramadan. A phone call by an Israeli soldier alerts her of the bombing of her building in 10 minutes. Coming to accept her family’s fate is the only way she has to make a stand for her life, with grim consequences.

The Day My Father Dies (15 mins)

An acting student returns home to Palestine with plans to write a play praising his father, only to realise that the hero he has written about no longer exists. Through a familial confrontation, it slowly becomes apparent that their life is the play (complete with an audience in the form of their neighbours) and Salah finds himself eulogising the spirit and image he had of his father, which has died.

Gaza Surf Club (96 mins)

Around 40  surfboards  have  been  brought  into  the Gaza Strip  over  the  past  few decades, all of them with great difficulty. This film documents the lives of the lucky few who have managed to get their hands on them, thus finding the opportunity  to  experience  a  small  slice  of  freedom between  the coastal  reminder  of  a  depressing  reality  and  the  Israeli-controlled three-mile marine  border.