Everything Everywhere All At Once Special Edition (15)

Everything Everywhere All At Once Special Edition

We've got a special edition of the feature, with some bonus content (director intro, blooper reel) and will be giving audiences one last shot to see this amazing film in cinemas.

Michelle Yeoh plays Evelyn Wang, whose life always seems beyond her control. Her family resent her and a tax official (Jamie Lee Curtis) appears hell bent on making her existence a misery. But then Evelyn discovers she's not alone – there are Evelyns across the universe, albeit in different dimensions. But it's when she discovers the ability to move through the multiverse that Evelyn’s troubles really begin.

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s wild, wacky and fabulously inventive cult hit channels the spirit of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Being John Malkovich and Synechdoche, New York. Evelyn’s lives spiral into a wild series of encounters, yet are kept within the realm of the film’s own crazy logic. At its heart, the film is about the challenges of parenting and it features a payoff that is both emotionally satisfying and a rare achievement for this kind of cinema.

PLEASE NOTE: This film contains flickering or flashing lights that may affect those with photosensitive epilepsy.

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Wednesday 10 Aug 202211:30 (BRINGING UP BABY)

Fire of Love (PG)

Fire of Love

Katia and Maurice Krafft loved two things — each other and volcanoes. For two decades, the daring French volcanologist couple roamed the planet, chasing eruptions and documenting their discoveries.Ultimately, they left a legacy that forever enriched our knowledge of the natural world.

Director Sara Dosa and the filmmaking team fashion a lyrical celebration of the intrepid scientists’ spirit of adventure, drawing from the Kraffts’ spectacular archive. Fire Of Love tells a story of primordial creation and destruction, following two bold explorers as they venture into the unknown, all for the sake of love.

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Thursday 11 Aug 202217:00

Hit The Road (12A)

Hit The Road

A middle-aged couple and their two sons embark on a road trip across the Iranian countryside. Over the course of their journey, they bond over memories of the past, grapple with fears of the unknown and fuss over their sick dog.

The masterful “Hit the Road,” writer/director Panah Panahi’s elegiac feature debut that traces a family on a mysterious road trip somewhere rural outside of Tehran.

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Sunday 14 Aug 202218:45

Paris, Texas (12A)

Paris, Texas
The second Wim Wenders masterpiece in our CLASSIC SEASON. This Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or winner follows a disheveled man who wanders out of the desert, Travis Henderson (Harry Dean Stanton,) who seems to have no idea who he is. When a stranger manages to contact his brother, Walt (Dean Stockwell), Travis is awkwardly reunited with his sibling. Travis has been missing for years, and his presence unsettles Walt and his family, which also includes Travis's own son, Hunter (Hunter Carson). Soon Travis must confront his wife, Jane (Nastassja Kinski), and try to put his life back together.

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Sunday 14 Aug 202213:30

The Good Boss (15)

The Good Boss

Javier Bardem excels as a corporate boss, who will tell you he’s your best friend just as he’s stabbing you in the back, in this ruthlessly funny corporate satire.

Blanco (Bardem) initially appears to be a kindly, if bland, owner of a factory. ‘Don’t treat me like a boss’, he gestures to his employees. But behind the genial façade lies a selfish profiteer. Blanco is all smiles for a visiting journalist and is intent on keeping morale up so he can win a government award. But when he makes a long-serving employee redundant and takes advantage of his latest intern, cracks start to appear in the industrialist’s world.

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Tuesday 9 Aug 202220:15
Wednesday 10 Aug 202215:00