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1917 (15)


From director Sir. Sam Mendes comes the 2020 Golden Globe best motion picture winner.

At the height of the First World War, two young British soldiers, Schofield (Captain Fantastic’s George MacKay) and Blake (Game of ThronesDean-Charles Chapman) are given a seemingly impossible mission. In a race against time, they must cross enemy territory and deliver a message that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of soldiers—Blake’s own brother among them.

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Sunday 26 Jan 202020:40
Monday 27 Jan 202015:30
Tuesday 28 Jan 202012:3020:40
Wednesday 29 Jan 202014:00
Thursday 30 Jan 202017:30

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (U)

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Shaun is back! And there's a new arrival in town who's a little alien... meet Lu-La. Strange lights over the quiet town of Mossingham herald the arrival of a mystery visitor from far across the galaxy… When the intergalactic visitor – an impish and adorable alien called LU-LA – crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun soon sees an opportunity for alien-powered fun and adventure and sets off on a mission to shepherd LU-LA home. Her magical alien powers, irrepressible mischief and galactic sized burps soon have the flock enchanted. Shaun takes his new extra-terrestrial friend on the road to Mossingham Forest to find her lost spaceship, unaware that a sinister alien-hunting agency is on their trail. Can Shaun and the flock avert Farmageddon on Mossy Bottom Farm before it’s too late?

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Saturday 15 Feb 202011:00

Anastasia (U)


Mystery, romance and adventure all play a part in this feature length animated musical based on the life of the lost princess Anastasia. Remembering nothing about her royal heritage - her only clue a music box key that says "Together In Paris" - Anastasia (voiced by Meg Ryan) sets off for Paris to find her true identity and begin a new life. Along the way, she meets a charming con man and is pursued by the evil Rasputin who, along with his gang of ghostly minions, will stop at nothing to complete his curse against her family. Under the direction of Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, this version of the classic story is described as a 20th-century fairy tale with a lot of heart and emotion: "Our characters have certain dreams that all young people might want in their lives, and in the movie, they have to sacrifice those things for what they really want: love."

**As with all of our Kids Club screenings there will be a free activity of arts and crafts at 10am before the screening.**

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Saturday 1 Feb 202011:00

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories (12A)

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories

Oscar Winning Helen Mirren tells the story of Anne Frank’s life through the pages of her world famous diary, a story that has made the tragedy of the Holocaust known to readers all over the world.

What would Anne’s life have been like had she survived Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen? What would have happened to the hopes and dreams she wrote about in her diaries? What could she have told us about persecution, about concentration camps? How would she have interpreted the reality of today,

the rekindling of antisemitism and new racism?

This emotive telling is entwined with the stories of 5 Holocaust survivors ( Arianna Szörenyi, Sarah Lichtsztejn Montard, Helga Weiss and sisters Andra and Tatiana Bucci) who shared Anne’s same fate of deportation, suffering and were denied their childhood and adolescence, but were fortunately able to go on and live the life that Anne was denied.

In addition to insight from historians and professors, Martina, one of the thousands of teenagers who feel close to Anne guides the audience through some of the key places in Anne’s short life, as well as those of the survivors. She wants to know about the story of the Jewish teenager who became a symbol

of the greatest tragedy to befall the 20th Century. An evocative documentary which brings Anne’s tragic, yet incredible, story to life and explores why this story has become such a historic journal that holds such great relevance today.

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Monday 27 Jan 202018:15
Thursday 30 Jan 202012:00 (Encore)

Bolshoi: Giselle (Live) (TBC)

Bolshoi: Giselle (Live)

The young peasant girl Giselle dies when she learns that the man she loves, Albrecht, has betrayed her. Against her own will, she joins the Wilis, vengeful spirits of jilted brides who condemn Albrecht to dance until he dies of exhaustion...

Giselle touches upon great and universal romantic themes. In this brand new production, renowned choreographer Alexei Ratmansky brings a fresh perspective to one of the oldest and greatest works of classical dance, giving the audience an opportunity to discover this iconic ballet anew.

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Sunday 26 Jan 202015:00

Bolshoi: Jewels (Live) 2020 (TBC)

Bolshoi: Jewels (Live) 2020

This opulent triptych was inspired by Balanchine’s visit to the famous jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels on New York’s Fifth Avenue, celebrating the cities and dance schools of Paris, New York and St. Petersburg, each bound to its own precious stone: emerald, ruby and diamond.

Balanchine built an homage of captivating beauty to the three dance schools that had forged his style, each represented by a contrasting gemstone. Jewels offers a unique occasion to enjoy the genius of choreographer’s visually captivating work performed by some of the world’s most dazzling dancers.

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Sunday 19 Apr 202016:00

Bolshoi: Romeo & Juliet 2020 (TBC)

Bolshoi: Romeo & Juliet 2020

In spite of each of their families being merciless enemies, Romeo and Juliet are deeply in love. The rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues will cost Mercutio’s life, causing Romeo a desire of vengeance for the loss of his friend...

Thestar-crossed lovers’ tragic fate inspired Prokofiev a remarkable cinematic score, from the delicate theme of Juliet to the ominous Dance of the Knights. Bolshoi stars Ekaterina Krysanova and Vladislav Lantratov wholly embody the two eternal lovers in Alexei Ratmansky’s stunning evocation of love at first sight.

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Sunday 29 Mar 202014:00

Bolshoi: Swan Lake (Live) (TBC)

Bolshoi: Swan Lake (Live)

Prince Siegfried is summoned by his parents to choose a bride. However, he encounters a mysterious swan-woman by the lake, Odette, and is captivated by her. His vow of eternal love to her will have irreversible consequences.

Tchaikovsky’s essential masterpiece returns with a new cast for the most beloved ballet in the classical canon. Technically challenging and filled with vibrant emotion, with a stunning and world-famous corps de ballet in perfect unison, the legendary love story between Prince Siegfried and the dual personalities Odette/Odile, born at the Bolshoi Theatre, is a must-see.

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Sunday 23 Feb 202015:00

Cyrano de Bergerac + Live Music (U)

Cyrano de Bergerac + Live Music

With Valentine's Day approaching and the Playhouse Theatre production starring James McAvoy well under way, we thought we'd bring you Cyrano de Bergerac's first instance on film.

The earliest film adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s classic tale of swashbuckling and unexpressed love, this 1923 version of the familiar French story (the nasally over-endowed poet, soldier and duelist Cyrano de Bergerac, his beloved Roxanne, her would-be lover Christian) features frame-by-frame Pathéchrome (Pathé Stencil Colour), a true labour-intensive rarity of the Silent Era and a real treat for the eye!

Live musical accompaniment by John Sweeney

Courtesy of Lobster Films

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Sunday 9 Feb 202015:00

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG)

Dora and the Lost City of Gold

This live-action reimagining of one of Nickelodeon’s most popular pre-school cartoons fast-forwards to the teenage years of the iconic young explorer. Now Dora (Isabela Moner) faces her most dangerous adventure yet: high school. As intrepid as ever, she ends up leading Boots (her best friend, a monkey), Diego (Jeffrey Wahlberg), a mysterious jungle dweller (Eugenio Derbez), and a ragtag group of teens on a quest to save her parents (Eva Longoria, Michael Peña) and solve the mystery behind a lost city of gold.

**As with all of our Kids Club screenings there will be a free activity of arts and crafts at 10am before the screening.**

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Saturday 22 Feb 202011:00

EOS: Friday Kahlo (TBC)

EOS: Friday Kahlo

“I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality” We might think we already know Frida Kahlo – the image of floral crowns, big brows and folk style clothing have made her a muse to generations – but what lies beneath the surface of this intensely passionate woman? This highly engaging film takes us on a journey through the life of one of the most prevalent female icons. Kahlo was a prolific self-portraitist, using the canvas as a mirror through all stages of her turbulent and, at times, tragic life.

Guided by interview, commentary and the artist’s own words, Exhibition On Screen uncovers that this, however, was not a life defined by tragedy. Featuring key exhibitions and interviews with world-renowned Kahlo curators, this personal and intimate film explores the extraordinary symbolism and themes in these personal canvases to seek a deeper understanding of the real Frida. Displaying a treasure trove of colour and a feast of vibrancy on screen, it offers privileged access to her works and highlights the source of her feverish creativity, her resilience and her unmatched lust for life, men, women, politics and her cultural heritage.

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Monday 6 Jul 202018:30

Met Opera: Agrippina (TBC)

Met Opera: Agrippina

In the Met’s first-ever performances of Agrippina, Handel’s satire of sex and power politics, Sir David McVicar reconceives a production evoking a scandalous world in which the Roman Empire never fell but simply kept going right up to the present. Joyce DiDonato stars as the power-hungry empress.

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Saturday 29 Feb 202017:55
Sunday 1 Mar 202012:00

Met Opera: Der Fliegende Hollander (TBC)

Met Opera: Der Fliegende Hollander

For the first time at the Met, Sir Bryn Terfel sings the role of the mysterious Dutchman, condemned to roam the seas for eternity, with Anja Kampe as the devoted Senta, whose love can set him free.

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Saturday 14 Mar 202016:55
Sunday 15 Mar 202012:00

Met Opera: Maria Stuarda (2020) (TBC)

Met Opera: Maria Stuarda (2020)

Donizetti’s drama, focused on the political and personal rivalry between two queens, returns to the Met with Diana Damrau as the doomed Mary, Queen of Scots, and Jamie Barton as her rival, Queen Elizabeth I.

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Saturday 9 May 202017:55
Sunday 10 May 202012:00

Met Opera: Porgy and Bess (TBC)

Met Opera: Porgy and Bess

The Gershwins’ Porgy and Bess returns to the Met for the first time since 1990, in a new co-production with English National Opera and Dutch National Opera, hailed as a triumph at its premiere in London earlier this year.

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Saturday 1 Feb 202017:55
Sunday 2 Feb 202012:00

Met Opera: Tosca (TBC)

Met Opera: Tosca

Sir David McVicar’s bold staging of Puccini’s operatic thriller returns with star soprano Anna Netrebko as the passionate title diva, opposite Brian Jagde as her lover, the idealistic painter Mario Cavaradossi.

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Saturday 11 Apr 202017:55
Sunday 12 Apr 202012:00

NT Live: Cyrano de Bergerac (15)

NT Live: Cyrano de Bergerac

Starring James McAvoy (X-Men, Atonement) in the title role, this inventive new adaptation by Martin Crimp tells the story our hero, Cyrano, who is fierce with a pen and notorious in combat, he almost has it all - if only he could win the heart of his true love Roxane.

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Thursday 20 Feb 202019:00

NT Live: The Welkin (15)

NT Live: The Welkin

A brand new play The Welkin by Lucy Kirkwood from the National Theatre in London. The ensemble cast of 12 includes Maxine Peake (The Theory of Everything, Shameless) and Ria Zmitrowicz (Three Girls, Mr Selfridge) who tell the thrilling story of a young woman sentenced to hang for a heinous murder. When she claims to be pregnant, a jury of 12 matrons are taken from their housework to decide whether she’s telling the truth, or simply trying to escape the noose.

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Thursday 21 May 202019:00

Parasite (15)


Winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, this brilliant black comedy from Bong Joon-ho (Okja, Snowpiercer) follows the Kim family as they struggle to survive on the breadline. When a friend offers Ki-Woo the chance of a tutoring job at the lavish home of the Park family the Kims’ luck starts to change, and soon his sister, mother and father are also ingratiating themselves into the lives of their affluent employers. Both a piercing commentary on inequality and a twisty narrative rollercoaster ride, you’ll be gripped throughout this compelling and expertly-crafted gem.

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Friday 7 Feb 202013:3020:15
Saturday 8 Feb 202017:0020:20
Sunday 9 Feb 202017:3020:20
Monday 10 Feb 202015:20 (Relaxed Screening)20:40
Tuesday 11 Feb 202017:0020:15
Wednesday 12 Feb 202014:3020:15
Thursday 13 Feb 202017:0020:15

Parasite (preview + Q&A) (15)

Parasite (preview + Q&A)

Winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, this brilliant black comedy from Bong Joon-ho (Okja, Snowpiercer) follows the Kim family as they struggle to survive on the breadline. When a friend offers Ki-Woo the chance of a tutoring job at the lavish home of the Park family the Kims’ luck starts to change, and soon his sister, mother and father are also ingratiating themselves into the lives of their affluent employers. Both a piercing commentary on inequality and a twisty narrative rollercoaster ride, you’ll be gripped throughout this compelling and expertly-crafted gem.

This is a preview screening (before the film's official release on 7 February) including a satellite Q&A with director Bong Joon-ho after the film.

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Monday 3 Feb 202018:00

ROH Live: Elektra (TBC)

ROH Live: Elektra

Strauss’s thrilling and audacious adaptation of Greek tragedy receives a new staging by the award-winning director Christof Loy. This uncompromising opera, about a daughter intent on bloody revenge and a mother driven to madness, has provoked critics to lively debate and both shocked and excited audiences

since its 1909 premiere. Antonio Pappano conducts music that combines violence with moments of exquisite tenderness in his first Strauss interpretation for The Royal Opera since 2002. The outstanding cast includes Nina Stemme (Brunnhilde in last Season’s Der Ring des Nibelungen) in the title role, and Karita Mattila in her role debut as the haunted queen Klytämnestra.

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Thursday 18 Jun 202019:45

ROH Live: Fidelio (TBC)

ROH Live: Fidelio

Beethoven’s only opera is a masterpiece, an uplifting story of risk and triumph. In this new production, conducted by Antonio Pappano, Jonas Kaufmann plays the political prisoner Florestan, and Lise Davidsen his wife Leonore (disguised as ‘Fidelio’) who daringly sets out to rescue him. Set in strong counterpointare the ingredients of domestic intrigue, determined love and the cruelty of an oppressive regime. The music is transcendent throughout and includes the famous Act I Quartet, the Prisoners’ Chorus and Florestan’s impassioned Act II cry in the darkness and vision of hope. Tobias Kratzer’s new staging brings together the dark reality of the French Revolutionary ‘Terror’ and our own time to illuminate Fidelio’s inspiring message of shared humanity.

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Tuesday 17 Mar 202019:15

ROH Live: La Boheme (TBC)

ROH Live: La Boheme

Puccini’s opera of young love in 19th-century Paris is packed with beautiful music, including lyricalarias, celebratory choruses for Act II’s evocation of Christmas Eve in the Latin Quarter and a poignant final scene over which the composer himself wept. Richard Jones’s character-led production perfectly captures La bohème’s mixture of comedy, romance and tragedy, with striking designs by Stewart Laing. The cast features some of the greatest interpreters of Puccini’s bohemian lovers performing today, as well as former members of The Royal Opera’s Jette Parker Young Artists Programme.

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Wednesday 29 Jan 202019:45

ROH Live: Marston & Starlett (TBC)

ROH Live: Marston & Starlett

Choreographer Cathy Marston is previously an Associate Artist of the Royal Opera House and Director of Bern Ballett, and much in demand internationally. The inspiration for her first work for The Royal Ballet Main Stage is the momentous life and career of the cellist Jacqueline du Pré. A new work by Liam Scarlett, The Royal Ballet’s Artist in Residence, provides the second part of the programme.

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Tuesday 25 Feb 202019:15

ROH Live: Pagliacci (TBC)

ROH Live: Pagliacci

Two opera classics are drawn together in this wonderfully observed re-creation of life in a south Italian village as a travelling theatre visits and emotions erupt. The award-winning production by Damiano Michieletto presents vividly the fast-moving, shocking events brought about by secret love and uncontrollable jealousy. The music is full of Italianate melody in the great choruses that bring the villagers together in celebration and revelry, alongside the solo arias and tense confrontations that provoke violence and tragedy. With thrilling singing and intense drama, ‘Cav and Pag’ distils into one

wonderful night out, the enduring appeal of Italian opera in its most familiar form.

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Tuesday 21 Apr 202019:15

ROH Live: Swan Lake (TBC)

ROH Live: Swan Lake

Liam Scarlett’s glorious production of Swan Lake, new in 2018, returns for its first revival. While remaining faithful to the Marius Petipa/Lev Ivanov text, Scarlett’s additional choreography and John Macfarlane’s magnificent designs breathe new life into what is arguably the best-known and most-loved classical bal

let. The entire Company shines in this eternal tale of doomed love, a masterpiece filled with iconic moments. Tchaikovsky’s first score for ballet soars with its symphonic sweep and combines perfectly with exquisite choreography from the grand pas de deux of Prince Siegfried and Odile to the swans at the lakeside. An intoxicating mix of spectacle and intimate passion, the overall effect is irresistible.

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Wednesday 1 Apr 202019:15

ROH Live: The Dante Project (TBC)

ROH Live: The Dante Project

Dante’s Divine Comedy is an epic journey through the afterlife: it encompasses the horrifying drama of Inferno and its damned, the lyrical mysticism of pilgrims on mount Purgatorio and the dazzling spheres of Paradiso with their endless configurations of light. The poem was inspired by the agony of Dante’s own

exile, and traces his path from crisis to revelation guided by his literary hero Virgil and his lost love Beatrice. In this new work, The Royal Ballet’s trailblazing Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor collaborates with an award-winning team – contemporary composer Thomas Adès, artist Tacita Dean,

lighting designer Lucy Carter and dramaturg Uzma Ha

meed – to bring us closer to Dante and his extraordinary vision.

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Thursday 28 May 202019:15

RSC Live: Pericles (12A)

RSC Live: Pericles

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Wednesday 23 Sep 202019:00

RSC Live: The Comedy of Errors (12A)

RSC Live: The Comedy of Errors

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Wednesday 15 Jul 202019:00

RSC Live: The Winter's Tale (12A)

RSC Live: The Winter's Tale

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Wednesday 10 Jun 202019:00

RSC: King John (TBC)

RSC: King John

A mad world of mad kings, teetering on the brink of disaster.

Richard the Lionheart is dead. His brother John is King of England. Threatened from all sides by Europe, the English noblemen and even his own family, King John will stop at nothing to keep hold of his crown.

Shakespeare’s rarely performed tale of a nation in turmoil vibrates with modern resonance in this vivid new production by Director Eleanor Rhode in her debut at the RSC.

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Wednesday 29 Apr 202019:30

The Personal History of David Copperfield (PG)

The Personal History of David Copperfield

From birth to infancy, from adolescence to adulthood, the good-hearted David Copperfield is surrounded by kindness, wickedness, poverty and wealth, as he meets an array of remarkable characters in Victorian England. As David sets out to be a writer, in his quest for family, friendship, romance and status, the story of his life is the most seductive tale of all.

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Sunday 26 Jan 202012:20 (Relaxed Screening) (Closed)18:00
Monday 27 Jan 202012:50 (Hard of Hearing)20:40
Tuesday 28 Jan 202015:1518:00
Wednesday 29 Jan 202011:00 (Bringing up Baby)17:00
Thursday 30 Jan 202014:3020:10

The Sword in the Stone (U)

The Sword in the Stone

This 1963 classic is a Disney adaptation of King Arthur's humble beginnings. With the help of a wizard called Merlin, a poor boy named Arthur learns the power of love, kindness, knowledge and bravery on the path to become one of the most beloved kings in English history.

**As with all of our Kids Club screenings there will be a free activity of arts and crafts at 10am before the screening.**

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Saturday 8 Feb 202011:00

Toddler Time (U)

Toddler Time

Do you remember the magic of your first cinema visit and the excitement of seeing films projected? Toddler Time aims to introduce some of our youngest audience members to the world of film.

Every Tuesday at 10.30am we will provide a programme of film-related activities, including exclusive 16mm film projection, specially designed for toddlers to experience the cinema environment for the first time.

A chance to meet other parents and carers within our historic and communal cinema space as well as to ignite your little ones' love for film.

Ages 2-4. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets £3 for child plus 1 FREE accompanying adult. (Please order 1 child and 1 adult ticket, discount will then be applied.) Free filter coffee and tea available for parents and carers on arrival.

Please note that there is a limitation of 15 toddlers per session. We therefore advise that you book in advance in person or via telephone 020 844 6789.

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Tuesday 28 Jan 202010:30 (Closed)
Tuesday 4 Feb 202010:30 (Closed)

UK Jewish Film Preview: The Painted Bird (18)

UK Jewish Film Preview: The Painted Bird

Separated from his parents, a Jewish nameless boy wanders through war-ravaged Eastern Europe, unfalteringly looking for a glimmer of hope in a world of extreme brutality. Based on the 1965 novel by Jerzy Kosiński, The Painted bird, which premiered at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, is a nightmarish experience, but, shot in 35mm monochrome, also ravishingly beautiful. It is a film about humanity at its most savage state, and its near miraculous ability to reform itself. A challenging yet unmissable masterpiece. 

Warning: Film contains scenes of extreme violence and sexual nature, and nudity. 

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Sunday 2 Feb 202019:30