Cinememories: Absolute Beginners12A

Cinememories: Absolute Beginners

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  • Tue 21 May
    12:00 This is a Dementia Friendly screening.

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Tue 21 May
  • 138 minutes
  • Director: Julien Temple
  • Cast: Patsy Kensit, Eddie O'Connell, David Bowie
  • UK (1986)


Colin (Eddie O'Connell), an aspiring young British photographer and jazz aficionado, falls for the beautiful Crepe Suzette (Patsy Kensit), a model on the rise. When she leaves him to pursue her dreams of fame, Colin lands under the wing of Vendice Partners (David Bowie), a suave advertising executive, and begins his own climb toward success. As Colin and Suzette get caught up in the promotion of youth culture, they brush up against the era's social issues, including racism.