The Levelling

The Levelling

Opens Fri May 12 2017

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  • Opens Fri May 12 2017
  • 83 minutes
  • Director: Hope Dickson Leach
  • Cast: Ellie Kendrick, David Troughton, Jack Holden
  • UK (2016)
  • Audio description headphones are supported for use during performances of this film


Somerset, England.

Trainee veterinarian Clover Catto returns to the farm where she grew up after hearing news that her brother Harry has died - in what appears to be a suicide. Finding the family home in a state of horrendous disrepair following the 2014 floods that devastated the area, Clover is forced to confront her father Aubrey - about the farm, the livestock and, crucially, the details surrounding Harry's death. Clover's discoveries send her on an emotional journey of reckoning - with her family, her childhood and herself.

A poised and highly promising first feature from writer/director Hope Dickson Leach, complete with a calm assurance and brooding tension that builds successfully towards a quietly moving climax.