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Photo Farag + Q&A

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Please be aware that there are no trailers before the performance.

  • Thu 27 Apr
  • 135 minutes
  • Director: Kobi Farag
  • Israel (2016)
  • This film is subtitled


Followed by a Q&A with director Kobi Farag.

Emigrating to Israel from Baghdad in the 1950s, the Farag family built a hugely successful photography business which revolutionised the way Israelis took, developed and related to pictures. Kobi Farag, a scion of the famous clan, traces the story of the ten brothers and sisters, who despite their amazing professional achievements failed to protect the family from a painful process of disintegration. Based on fascinating interviews and archival materials, Photo Farag explores the often destructive forces of a family determined to leave its mark on Israeli society.

Hebrew w/ English subtitles
Film running time 77 minutes